Wednesday, 2 September 2020

Day 12 plus one......

After an early start, catching the Corran ferry at 8.45am, and a late arrival into Euston at around 10.45pm, the final day of our tour was a long one, even if most of it was sitting on trains!. After re-attaching panniers and for the first time on this tour, adding lights, we were ready to ride again.

The tour started as it finished with a ride through an eerily deserted central London, this time at night, and even quieter than our early morning ride the other way had been. Barely a car was seen as we rode right through the centre of town and down onto the Embankment, and pretty much every traffic light turned in our favour as we rode towards them....this is probably as enjoyable and safe as riding through London will ever get.

If you haven't tried it yet, its definitely worth a go.

The 16-plus miles from Euston to home was covered in barely over an hour, and I arrived back home a few minutes after midnight.

The tour in numbers :-

12 days of riding
559 miles
28,870 feet of climbing (not quite an Everest....)
1 puncture
2 tubes used fixing said puncture
3 attempts at fixing the same
5 days with no rain
5 different train journeys (2 of them unscheduled)
7 different overnight locations
8 ferry journeys (although on only 2 different crossings)
24 lochs ridden alongside loads of laughs and an infinite amount of enjoyment.

I hope that you have enjoyed reading our ramblings about our travels, and if you did......we would love to hear about yours!!! (I'm thinking of you Mike Reynell first up....cycling in Italy?....tell us about it!!).

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