Wednesday, 12 January 2022

A Winter Tour

I haven't been able to continue my coastal tour for two years now, because of difficulties in getting somewhere to stay.  So I decided to do a Covid-resistant tour which doesn't depend on youth hostels (only whole-room or whole-hostel bookings available) or B&B (Covid cleaning means they dislike accommodating one person for one night even more than usual).

I thought I would challenge myself by doing a winter tour, camping.   Something I've never done before.   There are a few possible challenges:   It's cold.   The days are short.  There might be mud.  Also, I like the idea of not using a tent: maybe just a bivi bag?

I decided to ride around Wiltshire for four days, starting this Friday 14 Jan.  I can get there & back by train.   Campsites are few and far between, especially at this time of year, and they are not that near to places to eat, so self-catering may be required.   Possibly in the dark.  On the plus side, the camp sites are unlikely to be fully booked.

What could possibly go wrong?  Well, if I never try, I won't find out. That's what adventures are for.   I'm a little bit scared, but in a good way.   As I write, I have a mountain of stuff to take, just in case.   No idea how to fit it onto the bike, and I'm definitely not going to weigh it.

I'll try to post on this blog each day, maybe with a picture or two.   If you're interested, check back here to find out how it goes.


  1. Looking forward to reading about your winter adventure Simon. Looks like it will be cold but beautiful. Watch out for the ice.

  2. Best of luck Simon. Do you have a tracker? A temperature one that is.